Sweet 16s | Bar Mitzvahs

Across the tri-state area at this very moment, thousands of teenagers are about to participate in an important right of passage. For some, it’s American popular culture at its finest. For others, it’s the celebration of a momentous religious event. Whether your son or daughter is celebrating their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, or your maturing teen is about to blow out her sixteen candles, these coming of age events usually entail a party.

Some gatherings are wedding-like affairs. Others are more subdued. Either way, our job at RPM Entertainment is to listen to and adapt to those needs. In addition to a casual phone call conversation and also filling out our forms requesting details as to the venue, the number of guests attending, and the type of music you’d like to hear, we know that getting the party started – and keeping it going – can be challenging with these age groups.

That’s why in addition to music, our full-service entertainment package includes a variety of techniques and technology to liven up the experience. Our goal is to keep your young guests entertained throughout the entire 4-6-hour event. So whether it’s: Photo booths, LED stages, Plasma screens, or additional lighting, along with fun videography and themed décor, we have your needs covered. Our professional MCs and DJs know how to engage with this age group. And party motivators like this – and others – help keep the fun going. You can also bet that many of your younger guests will be using their own phones to post and share their experiences in real-time.